Lunch Special (Mon.- Fri.)

Served 11:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Choose one complimentary  Crispy spring roll / Fried Wonton / Soup or Salad  *also served w/soda or water

Fried-rice, Pan-fried Noodles & Curries

Choice of: Chicken, Tofu & Veggie 9.5 Shrimp, Squid or Beef or Mock duck 10.5

Thai fried rice
w/ egg, broccoli, onion, scallion,pea & carrot

Pineapple fried rice
w/ cashew nut, tomato, onion, egg pineapple, scallion & curry powder

Pad Thai
rice noodle, egg, peanut, scallion, bean sprout

Pad See Ew
flat rice noodle, broccoli, egg, carrot

Drunken noodle
lat noodle, bamboo,string bean ,carrot onion, scallion, jalapeno in basil sauce

choice of Massamun / Panang / Scarlet / Emerald served with steamed jasmine rice

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Noodle Soup

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Tom Yum noodle
w/ choice of Chicken or Shrimp


Thai boat noodle
w/ Beef


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Choice of: Chicken / Tofu & Veggie 9.5 Shrimp, Squid, Beef or Mock duck 10.5

Pad Kra Prow
onion, pepper, chili,bamboo, basil

Pad Khing
resh ginger, scallion, mushroom onion in garlic sauce

Sweet & Sour
Cucumber, pineapple, tomato, onion, scallion in sweet & sour sauce

Pad Him Ma Parn
cashew nut, onion, chili, jalapeno, chili paste in garlic sauce

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